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Hot Dog: Sandwich or Not a Sandwich?


I don't even remember how it started, but last season we asked every play-by-play announcer we had on Canes This Week where their favourite road trip eatery was. This year, we needed another question and one thing was clear: it had to be about food.

It's something we've all seen posted on radio station Facebook and Twitter feeds for years and it's the perfect tie-in to the show. Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?

We introduced this question in Episode #4 of Canes This Week as part of our weekly "Know The Enemy" for Signature Homes Lethbridge.

Play-by-play guys love talking food as much as they love talking hockey and so far, their answers haven't disappointed at all.

Below, you'll find a brief recap of each of the answers, along with some of the panelist answers and links to listen to each episode.

By the way, the only acceptable answer is "no."


"There is no way a hot dog is a sandwich. It is its own thing," CTW host Jordan Karst said in Episode #4. "It's like saying an ice cream cake is a cake. No it's not. It's the same essence I guess but it is its own thing and it's way better than regular cake."

"I think the answer has to be yes," Trevor Redden of the Prince Albert Raiders said. "It's a custom sandwich. It's a different sandwich, but it's meat between bread, right?"

"Do you consider a cheeseburger a sandwich," the Hurricanes' Dustin Forbes responded. "I don't think you do and it's the same concept, isn't it?"


"NO! A hot dog isn't even a real food," proclaimed the Calgary Hitmen's Brad Curle in Episode #5. "What do you gotta do to eat a hot dog? You gotta cover it with good things. Nobody just eats a hot dog, you gotta cover it with cheese and good stuff."

"Who the hell would ever think a hot dog is a sandwich?" asked former Canes play-by-play man Pat Siedlecki.

"It's not even in two pieces of bread," scribe Dylan Purcell quipped.


"A hot dog is its own thing," Ryan Switzer with the Swift Current Broncos said. "I would say no, a hot dog is its own entity."

"Thank you!" Karst said.


In the 7th episode of Canes This Week, it was an emphatic 'no' from the entire panel, including Hurricanes GM Peter Anholt and board member Ryan Tunall.


In Week #8 of Canes This Week, Saskatoon Blades play-by-play voice Les Lazaruk was just as straightforward as the panel was the week before.

"Not," is how Lazaruk answered the question from Jordan.


"Doesn't even occur to me for a second," Swift Current Broncos play-by-play voice Shawn Mullin said in Week #9. "I also don't consider a hamburger a sandwich."

"But is a beef dip a sandwich?" Siedlecki questioned after, which everyone agreed to, before asking about wraps.

"There are no rules to this," Karst concluded.


"I will say YES it is!" proclaimed Kelowna Rockets play-by-play voice Regan Bartel in Week #10.

"A lot of people have always said 'hey Bartel, you're a little different," Bartel continued after learning he was one of the first to go with that opinion. "I'm gonna go the opposite direction to what everybody's saying. That's just the way I like it."

He then went on to talk about one of the best deals he has seen around the WHL.

"There's a lot of good hot dogs across the Western Hockey League and if you ever get the chance to go down to Seattle, they have got a great deal there," Bartel said. "It's like $2 for a hot dog and you get a beer for $2 so if you ever get a chance to go down there, take it in! Because even if the hot dog stinks, you only paid $2 for it. In my opinion, that's a pretty good deal."


Brant Hilton of the Kootenay Ice joined us in our abbreviated Week #11 Episode, but Jordan still managed to get the question in about hot dogs.

"I would say no, I don't think a hot dog is a sandwich," Hilton said. "I never thought of it that way."


"I would say no, I don't know, I feel like this is a question for Dub Sports," Branden Crowe of the Brandon Wheat Kings said in Week #12, before he wondering if Canes play-by-play voice Dustin Forbes would "know his way around a hot dog better."


Cam Moon had some pretty animated comments about favorite places to eat during last year's shows. So we knew he'd have an opinion or two about the hot dog/sandwich debate.

"A hot dog's a hot dog, it's its own entity," the Red Deer Rebels play-by-play voice said in Week #13.

"It's a wiener in a bun," Siedlecki chirped in, with Moon uttering "that's right."

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